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cellzilla is an xCellerator compatible package designed to meet the specific requirements of multicellular modeling by the Computable Plant project. Although it is bundled with the xCellerator distribution it is a work in progress and is subject to change.

The remainder of this page is badly outdated. See the example file at: http://wwww.xlr8r.info/cellzilla/example/

A summary of some current cellzilla functionality is given in the following paragraphs.

animate displays the results of a two-dimensional simulation (the output of run) as a movie. The color of each cell corresponds to the value of a specified variable in the simulation. The movie is produced by a sequence of calls to animate based on interpolated data at different times in the solution.

createNetwork generates a list of xCellerator reactions for an array of cells, given an internalNetwork (which describes the reactions within each cell), an interaction network, (which describes the reactions between cells) and a connection list. The output is optionally either the input to interpret or the output from interpret.

exportToAmira generates a two or three-dimensional Amira compatible data file.

exportToQhull generates a Qhull input file based on a list of {x, y} or {x,y,z} coordinates

Various regular arrays of cells with random offsets can be generated by circularGrid, semiCircularGrid, rectGrid.

readDelaunay reads a Delaunay triangulation file produced by qhull.

toConnectionMatrix converts a list of {i,j} connections into a connection matrix.

toLinkedList converts a connection matrix into a list of {i, j} connections.

visualize displays a two dimensional array of cells whose coordinates are given as a list of {x, y} values.

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