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MathSBML Model Builder: speciesTypeToSBML, speciesTypeToSymbolicSBML

speciesTypeToSBML[options] returns a single <speciesType .../> definition.

speciesTypeToSBML[id, options] returns a single <speciesType .../> definition for speciesType id.

speciesTypeToSBML[{{options}, {options},...}] returns a <listOfSpeciesTypes.../> where each option list refers to a separate speciesTypes.

speciesTypeToSymbolicSBML[arguments] returns Symbolic SBML for a <speciesType.../> definition.

New in version 2.6.


Option Default Description
id No default speciesType id
name No default Parameter name
metaid No default metaid for this speciesType
notes No default notes for this speciesType
annotation No default annotation for this speciesType

speciesTypeToSBML is only valid starting with SBML Level 2 Version 2.


input:  speciesTypeToSBML[a, name -> "Species Type A"]
output: < speciesType id="a" name="Species Type A"/>

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This page last modified 1 Oct 2006.