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SBMLListPlot[vars,{t,tmin,tmax, dt}, sol, opt] is a wrapper for ListPlot that is compatable with the output of SMBLNDSolve and/or SBMLRead; in other words, you don't have to know anything about the format of the data structure returned by eithe SBMLNDSolve or SBMLRead to use SBMLListPlot and you do not have to format the input in the usual manner required by ListPlot, as SBMLListPlot does the reformatting for you

The advanatage of SBMLListPlot over SBMLPlot is that you have access to the options available for ListPlot. In particular, you can interpolate for specific variables at a specific interval and plot them as points (dots) rather than as connected curves.

Each variable is plotted in a different color and by default PlotJoined->False.

SBMLListPlot is new in MathSBML 2.4.0.
vars List of variables in the solution (sol)
t time variable in solution
tmin Start time of plot.
tmax End time of plot.
dt Interpolation interval.
sol Output of SBMLNDSolve.
opts A sequence of any valid options for ListPlot or Graphics.


View GMO.xml file referenced in the example.
m = SBMLRead["GMO.xml"]; 
n = SBMLNDSolve[m, 200];
p1 = SBMLListPlot[{GMO`M, GMO`Mass}, {t, 0, 200, 1},
       n, PlotJoined -> False, PlotStyle -> {PointSize[0.01]}];
p3=Show[p1, p2];