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MathSBML Model Builder: parameterToSBML

parameterToSBML[options] returns a <parameter.../> definition.

parameterToSBML[{{options}, {options},...}] returns a <listOfParameters../>>.

parameterToSymbolicSBML[options] returns Symbolic SBML for a <parameter.../> definition.

New in version 2.1.5. Revised in 2.6.0.


The options for parameterToSBML are identical to parameter fields listed in the SBML spec, i.e., id, name, value, units, constant, metaid, notes, annotation, sboTerm (level 2 version 2 only).
Option Default Description
id parametern where n is an integer representing the nth parameter to be assigned an id automatically. Parameter id
name value of the id field. Parameter name
units No default Units of this parameter
constant No default Must have a value of true or false. Determines whether or not the value of this parameter can change as a result of a rule or an event.
sboTerm No default Identifier in the Systems Biology Ontology; only valid starting in SBML Level 2 Version 2.
value No default Numerical value of the parameter.
metaid No default metaid for this parameter
notes No default notes for this parameter
annotation No default annotation for this parameter


The following PROPOSED LEVEL 3 options are allowed if Arrays->True is set by the most recent call to newModel[]:

Example 1: Single Parameter

The following input expression will create a single parameter definition (linefeeds and indentation added to emphasize syntax):

parameterToSBML[id->"Pi", name->"pi",  value->3.14]

and will produce the following output:

<parameter id="Pi" name="pi" value="3.14"/>

Example 1: Multiple parameters

The following will generate a listOfParameters:

     {id->"pi", value->3.14}, 
     {id->"e", value->2.718}, 
     {id->"E", name->"Enzyme_Concentration",constant->"false",value->1}

returns the following string:

 <parameter id="pi" name="pi" value="3.14"/>
 <parameter id="e" name="e" value="2.718"/>
 <parameter id="E" name="Enzyme_Concentration" value="1" constant="false"/>
Additional line feeds and indentation may be inserted by the program as it deems necessary.

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