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MathSBML Model Builder: constraintToSBML

constraintToSBML[options] returns a <constraint .../> definition.

constraintToSBML[{{options},{options},...}] returns a <listOfconstraints.../> where each option list corresponds to a single <constraint .../> definition.

constraintToSymbolicSBML[options] returns Symbolic SBML for a <constraint .../> definition.

New in version 2.6.

Compartment Types are defined starting with SBML Level 2 Version 2.


Options are identical to their SBML fields in the <constraint.../> definition.
Option Default Description
math No default Mathematical expression evaluating to a boolean value.
message No default Text or html message to print in the event that a constraint is violated during a simulation
metaid No default metaid for this constraint
notes No default notes for this constraint
annotation No default annotation for this constraint


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