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MathSBML Model Builder: compartmentTypeToSBML

compartmentTypeToSBML[options] returns a <compartmentType .../> definition.

compartmentTypeToSBML[identifier, options] is the same as compartmentTypeToSBML[id→identifier,options].

compartmentTypeToSBML[{{options},{options},...}] returns a <listOfcompartmentTypes.../> where each option list corresponds to a single <compartmentType .../> definition.

compartmentTypeToSymbolicSBML[options] returns Symbolic SBML for a <compartmentType .../> definition.

New in version 2.6.

Compartment Types are defined starting with SBML Level 2 Version 2.


Options are identical to their SBML fields in the <compartmentType.../> definition.
Option Default Description
id generated* Value of compartmentType id.
name Value of id Gives compartmentType name.
metaid No default metaid for this compartmentType
notes No default notes for this compartmentType
annotation No default annotation for this compartmentType


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