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FLAGS`ECHOLOAD is a constant that is used to control the printing of a load message in response to the command


If FLAGS`ECHOLOAD = False then no message is printed when mathsbml.m is loaded.

If FLAGS`ECHOLOAD = True or is undefined then a message is printed when mathsbml.m is loaded. If the same version of mathsbml.m has been previously loaded, the message indicates that it has been reloaded. If a different version of mathsbml.m was previously loaded a warning message is printed.

resetParameter new in version 2.5.14

Normally Mathematica does not print a message when a package is loaded. MathSBML is an exception, in that by default, it will always print a message when it is loaded, unless FLAGS`ECHOLOAD = False is set prior to loading.

If mathsbml.m is loaded automatically by a program, the user might want to include the line

to suppress the printing of a message. This is especially important if a sequence of packages are loaded, each of which calls MathSBML but are otherwise indepdent of one another. By default each load will cause a message; setting this flag to false before any of these packages are loaded will prevent the message from being printed.

To restart message printing after it has been supressed, set FLAGS`ECHOLOAD back to True or Remove it.

[31 May 2006]