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visualization[options] draws a picture of a Bounded Cell Voronoi diagram (see boundedCellVoronoi). Any Plot option can be specified in addition to the following options.


boundedCellVoronoi→{}, if the bounded cell Voronoi diagram is known, it can be provided as input. Otherwise, it will be calculated internally from cellCoordinates.

cellColors{color1, color2,...}, one color for each cell.

cellCoordinates{{x1,y1},{x2,y2},...} gives the coordinates of points on which the Voronoi Diagram is based. This option is required if boundedCellVoronoi is not provided.

cellNumbersFalse, if True, will print the cell numbers on the figure.

cellWallColors{{i,j, color}, {i,j,color}, ...}, each {i,j} pair must be connected. color is used for the wall between cell i and cell j. Overrides wallColors.



wallColors{c1,c2,...}, where ci represents the wall color of the entire cell i, can be overridden by cellWallColors.

wallCoordinates{wall1, wall2, ...}, where each wallk has the format {{i,j}, {{x1,y1}, {x2,y2}}}. If not provided then will be calculated internally.

wallThickness0.004 - thickness of the walls between cells. Logo