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regtet[points,pntsoff,options] provides a direct interface with the regtet binary using the Mathematica Run command.

regtet[points,options] is equivalent to regtet[points,{}, options].

points is a list of 3-Dimensional points {{x1,y1,z1}, { x2,y2,z2},...} or 3-Dimensional points with weights {{x1,y1,z1, w1}, {x2,y2,z2,w2},...}.

pntsoff is a list of integers indicating elements of points that should be turned off.

The options and the value returned (with the exception of path) are mathematica rule-list instantiations of the precise data structures returned by the function. For details on each of the following items, the user is referred to the regtet.f documentation.

regtet creates temporary input and output files in a new folder that are used for the interface with the binary. This name of this folder is returned in the returned option path.

Return Value

	{path→full path name of directory that contains temporary files,
	 nw→integer number of vertices,
	 nt→integer number of tetrahedra found,
	 icfig→same as icfig in regtet.f,
	 icon→same as icon in regtet.f,
	 is→same as is in regtet.f


artfcl→FalseSame as in regtet.f
bigbox→FalseSame as in regtet.f
delaun→FalseSame as in regtet.f
flphis→FalseSame as in regtet.f
icfig→6Same as in regtet.f
iwfig→6Same as in regtet.f
naddl→2Same as in regtet.f
path→TrueIf True, path will be included as part of the output, but it will not be included if path→False.
pntoff→FalseSame as in regtet.f
random→FalseSame as in regtet.f
Same as in regtet.f
reccor→FalseSame as in regtet.f
redchk→FalseSame as in regtet.f
regtetFormat→"RuleList"return as a rule list or a "table". If a table is selected, the table is the imported value of the file tetrahedra created by regtet.f (see Import["tetrahedra","Table"]
traceregtet→FalseDebugging flag
wlen→{0,0, 0, 0}Same as in regtet.f Logo