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qhalf[points,option-string,options] provides a direct interface with the qhalf binary using the Mathematica Run command.

points is a list of coordinates {{x1,y1,..}, {x2,y2,..},..}, all of the same dimension.

option-string is a string of unix options, e.g., "FB Ot" means to execute

	qhalf FB Ot
The actual command-line command depends on the value of $QHULL. for example, if $QHULL="~/programs/" then the actual command is
	~/programs/qhalf option-string


keepfilesFalse; unless True, temporary files will be deleted.
traceqhullFalse; if True, debugging messages will be printed.

Any information that is normally sent to the terminal will be lost. To obtain data that is normally written to the screen, run with option-string="", so that the screen summary will be written to the output file.

Details on qhull options are given at

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