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mPower Installation Instructions

  1. Install qhull.
    1. Linux: most distributions include qhull in their repositories. For example, in Ubuntu 8.04 you can type

      sudo apt-get install qhull-bin

      The expression


      should included in any notebook that uses mPower, after the <<mpower.m but before you call any mpower functions.

    2. Mac: install the binary using fink and set qhull="/src/bin/"

    3. Other Operating systems , see and follow the instructions for the version you download.



      where full-directory-string is the name of the directory when where the "src" folder of the qhull installation is located.

    4. As a last resort, a copy of the source code distribution qhull-2003.1.src.tgz is included in the tarball. You can try to build it from this source. If you get a segmentation fault error when you try to execute qhull later the most likely problem is a compiler version incompatibility with your operating system. I've run into this problem particularly on Intel macs as the mac developers pack does not always install the correct version gcc.

    5. I don't do windows, but I know it can be made to work on Windows XP because I had a summer intern who made it work on her Windows laptop, but I did not get the full installation instructions. If anyone wants to share their experience with me, please do so.

  2. Download, compile and install regtet and pwrvtx from here and place the binaries in the Applications subdirectory of $UserBaseDirectory. (To determine the location of $UserBaseDirectory open Mathematica and type $UserBaseDirectory)

    Note (1): The files regtet.f and pwrvtx.f that you will dowload are Fortran source code. To compile them you will need to use a Fortran compiler for your particular operating system.

    Note (2): If the only reason you are installing mPower is to use Cellzilla, you don't need either regtet or pwrvtx and can safely ignore any error message that pops up saying the system can't find them.

    Note (3): While the interface to regtet/pwrvtx should work on any OS its only been tested on Mac OSX/Tiger, so if you have success (or problems) using it on other OS's, let me know.

    Note (4): A good list of fortran compilers for macs is available at I would suggest using g77 for this program. For intel macs the compiler is g77-intel-bin.tar.gz - installation instructions are given on that web site.

    With a typical g77 installation, to compile the code,

    g77 regtet.f -o regtet
    g77 pwrvtx.f -o pwrvtx

    On macs, to copy the files over,

    cp regtet ~/Library/Mathematica/Applications/
    cp pwrvtx ~/Library/Mathematica/Applications/

    On linux, to copy the files over,

    cp regtet ~/.Mathematica/Applications/
    cp pwrvtx ~/.Mathematica/Applications/

  3. Download the appropriate mPower archive from Sourceforge. For Mathematica 6.0 use version 1.0 or higher. For Mathematica 5.2. use 0.12.

  4. Unpack the archive.

  5. Copy the file mPower.m to wherever you normally place your mathematica pacakges, such as the Applications subdirectory of $UserBaseDirectory or your home directory.
  6. To use the package you must first execute the line

    each time you start Mathematica. (Note that some operating systems such as linux are case-sensitive and others such as Mac OS are not). If you put mPower.m in some folder that is not included in your Mathematica path then you will have to include the full directory name. You can find out what your Mathematica path is by typing $Path in Mathematica.

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