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Voronoi Diagram, Delaunay Triangulation, Complex Hull
A set of points
The finite edges of their Voronoi Diagram
Their Delaunay Triangualtion
Voronoi and Delaunay duals
Complex Hull
Vornoi, Delaunay, Complex Hull
Three-dimensional Convex Hull
A set of points
Convex hull, with vertices highlighted.
Convex hull
Convex hull with facet centroids highlighted
Convex hull with facet normals attached to facet centroids
The Pruned Delaunay Triangulation and the Bounded Cell Voronoi Diagram.
Pruned Delaunay Triangulation (solid green lines); Delaunay Triangulation (dashed red lines), Bounded Cell Voronoi Cells (colored regions). Click on the image for a larger view.

The Bounded Cell Voronoi Diagram in Two and Three Dimensions
A set of 50 randomly placed points in a circular region.
Finite-length edges of the Voronoi Diagram.
Finite-length edges, colored regions, and points.
The Bounded Cell Voronoi of the same set of points.
Finite edges are shown in pink to illustrate where they were truncated.
Colored Bounded Cell Voronoi.
A 3-Dimensional set of points; the box is shown to give some perspective to the figure.
The bounded cell Voronoi Diagram in 3 Dimensions; each cell is shown randomly colored.
The bounded cell Voronoi Diagram showing only the cell edges and centers. Logo

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